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Like our classes our training is inclusive! (Women of all abilities, shapes sizes educational back grounds are welcome to train and teach 'real' women in their communities).

We advise you to have or to study an ETM OR DANCE Qualification as this will help you considerably with training, however a minimum requirement to be accepted onto the My-Barre training program is to hold an approved Anatomy and Physiology qualification but NO WORRIES if you do not have this as we will include this in your training for you along with providing you with information from EMD on gaining Exercise Movement and Dance quals if you wish to do so.

We give you as much help and support as YOU need to get going.

The aim of the course is to give you a professional fun, inclusive for all women movement class to take into your community or studio, continual development at a pace to suit you,

My-Barre is dedicated to your continued education and your initial Instructor training cost includes a licence to teach all My-Barre certified courses for 12 months is included in your instructor training package, courses including in your e learning area are as follows

  • My-Barre 1 instructor
  • My-Barre 2 Teaching in the community
  • My-Barre 3 Adapting exercise for less able
  • My-Barre 4 My-Ball
  • My-Barre 5 My-Band
  • My-Barre 6 My-Barre 40+
  • My-Barre 7 My-Barre Post Natal
  • iChill

You will be able to start teaching within 2-4 weeks of sign up depending on your experience, learning level and when you feel ready.

A yearly licence payment fee gives you access to ongoing learning, advertisement, and licence to use the logos and products associated with all My-Barre courses

Once you have completed your 12 months training and teaching experience and pay your next years licence fee (£79) you will be awarded the My-Barre Gold Instructor Certificate which allows you to teach all the above named classes, workshops will be continually added and the learner area continually updated. You must continue to pay this licence fee throughout your My-Barre career as this gives you important continued development, advertisement, and the right to use the My-Barre name, gain insurance and class members can see you are professional and committed to not just them but your learning.

We advertise nationally and locally your classes and support you all the way, you will also have a profile on our website and be able to add classes to our national class finder.

You must have Insurance to teach ANY exercise movement and Dance class, this available from professional fitness insurance and Blackfias and will cost around £4.50 a month

My-Barre uses music provided YES music, YES gives you access to thousands of songs but also pre designed My-Barre playlists. This will cost you around £10 a month. You can use YES Music for all your other classes and NO expensive PPL Licence is needed.

My-barre is a fantastic opportunity for you no matter if your from a fitness or dance back ground or not as my-barre training program gives you all the support you need to get going with your classes in your community or in clubs.

My-Barre has been designed to be inclusive for all women meaning as the instructor you can taylor your class to fit in with who you have in front of you, the class is very easy to follow and broken down in to small bite size pieces, all moves are adaptable so no matter what fitness level you or your class are at you can all workout together!

My-Barre is a slow paced controlled movement class aimed at increasing women's activity and fitness levels and keeping them fit for life.

My-Ball and My-Band Post Natal and iChill can all be taught as stand alone classes or include them in your My-Barre classes.

If you are already ETM or DANCE QUALIFIED? could also claim back upto £100 of the cost from EDM Academy

Questions? - Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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