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This page contains frequently asked questions about the academy and is here to help learners get the most out of there time here. Just click the question you would like to view and it will open up to show you more details.

How do I use the My-Barre site?

My-Barre is a site that requires you to register. To register is very simple, all you need to do is select courses from the main menu and then select the FREE "How to use this website" course".

To do this goto the "Course" menu button and from the list select the "How to use this website" and follow the instructions.

After you fill in the boxes on the online form, your details are stored and an e-mail is sent to the e-mail address to confirm its real.
Simply click the link in the e-mail to authenticate your e-mail address and your membership goes live.
The e-mail is sent within seconds so as soon as you click submit on the form, check your e-mail, if its not there check your spam folder.
If an e-mail does not arrive, then you may have entered an invalid e-mail address.

A valid and working e-mail is a must to use the online academy

Which course should I choose and how do I select it?

Which course you choose is up to you, however there are some courses that you can only select if you have taken the lower level course. Use the menu button "Courses" to view and select the course that interests you. Once you find the course you want, select the subscription that suits your needs and follow the online payment procedure. We use Paypal because their system is simple and secure and we do not take or store your credit card details. Once you have subscribed to a course its content is automatically available to you.

What is the Course content like?

Course content is displayed as a list of links on your screen. Courses are split into modules, with each module being split into a number of lessons. The lessons can be simple text, images or a video to watch, and range from a few seconds to several minutes long. Work from the top to the bottom through the list. Once you visit a link a small "eye" icon will appear to show you they you have visited this lesson. You can re-visit a lesson as many times as you like.

Will I be asked to take any Exams?

In most courses its YES. At certain points through your course we will test you on your knowledge by asking you to answer a few questions in a quiz. At the last stage of the course there will be a larger final exam and it is dependant on your results if you pass or fail. If you reach the percentage required to pass a certificate will become available for you to download. If you fail, you will be allowed to go back through the course content again and take the final exam again.

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